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Whilst, as a kid, I always wanted Transformers, but my childhood was mainly filled with Masters Of The Universe. Every Xmas and birthday I added a few more figures to my collection thanks to generous donations of a working class family that could barely afford the presents I got in stupendous amounts. Skip to several years later, long after I had left these toys behind, I got a craving to try and recreate my childhood toys in a more adult, darker style. More below….

Starting with TrapJaw (possibly my fave figure), I gave him a more twisted junkyard look, adding scars and gore to his already decaying body. Of course, he’s not complete without his gruesome blood splattered metal maw. I liked the results, and thus kept on with other characters;


Next is Orko, He-mans klutz of a magical companion. But… perhaps his magicks are of the dark variety, and come at a cost? Why DOES Orko cover his face? Is it to cover the horrendous scars his mismatched spells have caused, or perhaps the true cost is his now demonic features? Who knows, but it looks cool, right? :P


What is He-man without his mortal enemy, Skeletor? Well, probably less camp for a start, but … well, Skeletor does Skeletor, so who cares? I figure as far as looks go, Skeletor’s grinning skull is already good enough, so just adding some grim details and some menacing spell casting should be enough. Of course, add a little blood splatter – as dark powers always come at a cost, right?31967875_10155529397683059_847982331284160512_o


Finally (for now), I went with another of my favorite figures – this time, Mer-man. Although, I did base him from his cartoon appearance rather than his possibly more recognisable toys appearance, I am really happy with the results. Its’ not very often that a piece ends up EXACTLY how I imagine it, but this is one of those times. I imagined this would be the last thing one would see if they’d mistakenly wandered into the murky depths of this piscine menace. Turned out well, right?

No doubt there will be more to come of these, and eventually prints will be available for sale.


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