CapN Flint Logo and Emotes.

The lovely and charismatic @Capt_Flint was looking to give his Twitch site a nicely polished themed look, and knowing that I can “scribble” gave me a call. After we chatted, he already had an idea of what he wanted, and just needed me to expand and get it done. So I did. Results below;

The Captains Logo!



A collection of sprites from some of my favorite Commodore 64 games rearranged into the classic Commodore 64 logo. Technically not really all my work, but still… I love it. It’s amazing what nostalgia can do.



Yeah, technically I’m a “professional” graphic designer. “Professional” in the way that I’ve been paid to design logos for people. Must be annoying to all my mates who’ve studied graphic design for years and haven’t landed a project yet. :/ Ah, well – in all fairness, I never charged much. Anyway – here’s a few that I’ve done.

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