So a friend saw some of my other pieces, and decided he wanted a pic of Deadpool. I like Deadpool, despite his oversaturation, and some tales where he’s put in the hands of inept comedy writers who boil it down to memes and random catchphrases. Anyway, he said he would give me some ideas of what he wanted later… but… ADD… I got an idea, drew it, coloured it, showed him it, he loved it, he wanted it – job done! Just in time for time for Deadpool 2 too. :)


Masters Of The Universe


Whilst, as a kid, I always wanted Transformers, but my childhood was mainly filled with Masters Of The Universe. Every Xmas and birthday I added a few more figures to my collection thanks to generous donations of a working class family that could barely afford the presents I got in stupendous amounts. Skip to several years later, long after I had left these toys behind, I got a craving to try and recreate my childhood toys in a more adult, darker style. More below….


Siknotes Tour Poster


So every now and again, I get a message from an old friend who starts with “Hey, you can draw, can’t you?” :P Well, I used to hang about with a bunch of guys who used to be in a punk band back in college, and whilst my own musical ventures haven’t come to much, and usually fizzled out after a few gigs (albeit awesome gigs), these guys have kept going and have been decently successful…



So, if you know me, you know I’m all about the ‘bots. Well, mainly those that Transform… and as such, I tend to try and draw my favorites. Shortly after that, people would want me to draw their favorite figures and such… so I started a bit of a collection. I still do these when I can, and obviously I can’t turn down any commissioned pieces, which is how the collection has grown. Check out the framed pics below…. oh, and contact me if you want one doing. :P


DTOX TV – Emotes

EmotepreviewDTox TV approached me to add a few emotes to his channel. In all fairness, I thought this was going to be a challenge due to his already existing artwork being of a high quality. None the less, I like a challenge, and he’d seen my already existing artwork, so knew the levels of what I could do.


ManMouse – Twitch Emotes/Logo

MM02-Logo02I was approached by the ever-friendly ManMouseGames who wanted me to redesign his logo, and come up with a few emotes for him. After a short chat about what sort of style he was looking for, the colours he liked, and the emotes he’d be most likely to use, here’s what came out of it.


CapN Flint Logo and Emotes.

The lovely and charismatic @Capt_Flint was looking to give his Twitch site a nicely polished themed look, and knowing that I can “scribble” gave me a call. After we chatted, he already had an idea of what he wanted, and just needed me to expand and get it done. So I did. Results below;

The Captains Logo!


Unnamed RaketSpel Project


During the final section of the course, I chose to do an internship at Raketspel, a mobile-based games company here in Sweden. Whilst there I was placed within a group of interns and given our own project. The theme was already decided as a carnival based multi-player mini-game collection, but within those boundaries we were allowed a lot of freedom to come up with what we want, prototype and present/pitch them during meetings. We did this all within Unity and scripting in C#. I also did voice acting as the feedback character for the game.


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