DTOX TV – Emotes

EmotepreviewDTox TV approached me to add a few emotes to his channel. In all fairness, I thought this was going to be a challenge due to his already existing artwork being of a high quality. None the less, I like a challenge, and he’d seen my already existing artwork, so knew the levels of what I could do.


ManMouse – Twitch Emotes/Logo

MM02-Logo02I was approached by the ever-friendly ManMouseGames who wanted me to redesign his logo, and come up with a few emotes for him. After a short chat about what sort of style he was looking for, the colours he liked, and the emotes he’d be most likely to use, here’s what came out of it.


CapN Flint Logo and Emotes.

The lovely and charismatic @Capt_Flint was looking to give his Twitch site a nicely polished themed look, and knowing that I can “scribble” gave me a call. After we chatted, he already had an idea of what he wanted, and just needed me to expand and get it done. So I did. Results below;

The Captains Logo!


Unnamed RaketSpel Project


During the final section of the course, I chose to do an internship at Raketspel, a mobile-based games company here in Sweden. Whilst there I was placed within a group of interns and given our own project. The theme was already decided as a carnival based multi-player mini-game collection, but within those boundaries we were allowed a lot of freedom to come up with what we want, prototype and present/pitch them during meetings. We did this all within Unity and scripting in C#. I also did voice acting as the feedback character for the game.


Mildread (Work In Progress)

Here’s a update for the latest project I’m working on for specialisation at Future Games. A 2D point’n'click adventure game where you help a small dead girl and her teddy through the mid-afterlife on her way to find her parents, and hopefully a way into the actual afterlife. To solve the problems she encounters she uses a teddy bear to carry things as well as throwing it at certain objects to trigger events. In the end she’ll encounter other strange characters and uncover a dark conspiracy that threatens the hope of everyone…




Lucan Monks – Scripting/Game Design/Story Concepts
Danijel Piperac – Level Design/Game Design

Stina Flödstrom – Art Director/Models
Joaquim Larsen – Characters Models
Carl Palacios – Environments
Patrik Ånberg – Lord Animator
Kx_Kx – Musician extraordinaire!


The Box Project




Lucan Monks – Scripting/Game Design/Story Concepts
Adam Timén – Level Design

Tim Badylack – Environmental Design/Hero Modeling
Jessica Banefelt – 2D Art/Concepts/Environmental Models/Textures
Joaquim Fridlund – Environmental  Models/Textures
Zachris Pensar – Environmental Models/Textures




Lucan Monks – Concept, Kismet, Animations.
Jennika Cederholm – Animations, Kismet.

Mikaela Grundin – Concepts, Environmental Models, Gui.
Patrick Ånberg – Character Models.
Nadida Ocba – Character and World Concepts, Textures, Gui.


Elemental Quest – Work In Progress


Everything – Lucan Monks.


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