CapN Flint Logo and Emotes.

The lovely and charismatic @Capt_Flint was looking to give his Twitch site a nicely polished themed look, and knowing that I can “scribble” gave me a call. After we chatted, he already had an idea of what he wanted, and just needed me to expand and get it done. So I did. Results below;

The Captains Logo!


Unnamed RaketSpel Project


During the final section of the course, I chose to do an internship at Raketspel, a mobile-based games company here in Sweden. Whilst there I was placed within a group of interns and given our own project. The theme was already decided as a carnival based multi-player mini-game collection, but within those boundaries we were allowed a lot of freedom to come up with what we want, prototype and present/pitch them during meetings. We did this all within Unity and scripting in C#. I also did voice acting as the feedback character for the game.


Mildread (Work In Progress)

Here’s a update for the latest project I’m working on for specialisation at Future Games. A 2D point’n'click adventure game where you help a small dead girl and her teddy through the mid-afterlife on her way to find her parents, and hopefully a way into the actual afterlife. To solve the problems she encounters she uses a teddy bear to carry things as well as throwing it at certain objects to trigger events. In the end she’ll encounter other strange characters and uncover a dark conspiracy that threatens the hope of everyone…




Lucan Monks – Scripting/Game Design/Story Concepts
Danijel Piperac – Level Design/Game Design

Stina Flödstrom – Art Director/Models
Joaquim Larsen – Characters Models
Carl Palacios – Environments
Patrik Ånberg – Lord Animator
Kx_Kx – Musician extraordinaire!


The Box Project




Lucan Monks – Scripting/Game Design/Story Concepts
Adam Timén – Level Design

Tim Badylack – Environmental Design/Hero Modeling
Jessica Banefelt – 2D Art/Concepts/Environmental Models/Textures
Joaquim Fridlund – Environmental  Models/Textures
Zachris Pensar – Environmental Models/Textures




Lucan Monks – Concept, Kismet, Animations.
Jennika Cederholm – Animations, Kismet.

Mikaela Grundin – Concepts, Environmental Models, Gui.
Patrick Ånberg – Character Models.
Nadida Ocba – Character and World Concepts, Textures, Gui.


Elemental Quest – Work In Progress


Everything – Lucan Monks.


ZombiBall – Work In Progress


Everything – Lucan Monks;

After making several posts and featuring the Zombi character on my website and in games, I decided to make a game centered around him. Originally it was to be a Dizzy style game, but I wanted something with a little more action and instead came up with the idea of a traditional bat-n-ball game where each room has a different element to them… oh, and enemies too – why not?





Everything except Music – Lucan Monks

Elemental is an original concept I came up with based around the idea that the rewarding part of “match-3″, “Columns” and other of these type of games was creating a huge chain reaction. I came up with using the paper-scissors-stone mechanism as a catalyst but converting them into elemental forces (Much like the Battle Beasts).


Block Clouster 2


Scripting, Graphics, Pretty much everything – Lucan Monks.
Original Idea – Sparckman.


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