ZombiBall – Work In Progress


Everything – Lucan Monks;

After making several posts and featuring the Zombi character on my website and in games, I decided to make a game centered around him. Originally it was to be a Dizzy style game, but I wanted something with a little more action and instead came up with the idea of a traditional bat-n-ball game where each room has a different element to them… oh, and enemies too – why not?





Everything except Music – Lucan Monks

Elemental is an original concept I came up with based around the idea that the rewarding part of “match-3″, “Columns” and other of these type of games was creating a huge chain reaction. I came up with using the paper-scissors-stone mechanism as a catalyst but converting them into elemental forces (Much like the Battle Beasts).


Block Clouster 2


Scripting, Graphics, Pretty much everything – Lucan Monks.
Original Idea – Sparckman.



A collection of sprites from some of my favorite Commodore 64 games rearranged into the classic Commodore 64 logo. Technically not really all my work, but still… I love it. It’s amazing what nostalgia can do.



Yeah, technically I’m a “professional” graphic designer. “Professional” in the way that I’ve been paid to design logos for people. Must be annoying to all my mates who’ve studied graphic design for years and haven’t landed a project yet. :/ Ah, well – in all fairness, I never charged much. Anyway – here’s a few that I’ve done.


Adventures Of Princess


Finally take control of the princess in this retro-inspired fantasy game!
Your land has been attacked and you’ve been kidnapped!
Control ONLY the princess through the whole epic adventure!


CTRL – Send TXT Message
ALT – Sleep
SHIFT – Do something


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