Siknotes Tour Poster


So every now and again, I get a message from an old friend who starts with “Hey, you can draw, can’t you?” :P Well, I used to hang about with a bunch of guys who used to be in a punk band back in college, and whilst my own musical ventures haven’t come to much, and usually fizzled out after a few gigs (albeit awesome gigs), these guys have kept going and have been decently successful…

So, upon planning their 2017 tour, then ask if I could do a poster for them. They want something “Rick N Morty” like and before long, I have the idea shown above – turning the band into characters from the show. Usual request? That I get a copy of the poster. So glad I did, because I’m both a fan of the band, and the TV show, so egotistical as it is – I love my own work on this!


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