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EmotepreviewDTox TV approached me to add a few emotes to his channel. In all fairness, I thought this was going to be a challenge due to his already existing artwork being of a high quality. None the less, I like a challenge, and he’d seen my already existing artwork, so knew the levels of what I could do.

A brief look at his channel shows that he is heavily into the Starship Troopers movie and lots of his artwork is based on him and his crew being troopers. The helmet being an iconic item from there (and a couple of other movies/shows if you have a keen eye), we decided that these should be incorporated as much as possible.

The love emote is one of my favorites, due to it being one of those “this is so silly an idea, that it might just work” situations. I had tried previous heart and helmet combinations, along with adding the little brain bug snuggling up to it, but due to the size of the emotes in their smallest form (a problem that comes up a lot when designing them) the details were lost and it was unrecognisable. In the end, I came up with the idea of having the brain-bug AS the actual heart and DTox loved it.

The only downside was I couldn’t come up with something similar for his ‘HYPE’ emote. ┬áThe members of his audience are often referred to as the “immobile infantry” and he wanted this incorporated into the Hype emote. The idea was to have a ‘Trooper on a mobile-scooter cheering or something. After several attempts the idea had to be scrapped as I could find a way to get the amount of data across in the picture at such a small size. Can’t win them all, but he was pleased with the results, and wants to revisit the idea at a later date, perhaps?


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