As I’ve had an abundance of time on my hands, I somehow managed to become something of a freelance graphic artist. Which is such a strange thing seeing as I know people who actually studied the subject and haven’t done anything with it, whereas I just happened to get offered some work here and there. I ended up designing logo’s, tattoos, and providing artwork for several groups, and whilst the money wasn’t enough to live off (I always tend to feel guilty charging PRO rates, when I’m technically not a pro), it was fun work and I got to experiment with some styles I wouldn’t normally think of. Whilst doing this I found out that I had a knack for ambigrams – words that, when viewed from a different angle, can say the same thing or something different. Here’s a few that I’ve done up to now -

Rest assured, if you can flip your monitor upside down, you’re probably impressed right now. :P
I’ve designed over a hundred of them, so I won’t cram them all in here now. But, should I feel the need, there’s a ton more to come…


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